HS Tardy Procedure

June 25, 2019


Dear Trojan Parents,

To improve the academic and social culture  of our school, North College Hill High School will be implementing a new “Tardy Procedure” for our students. Any Trojan that is late/tardy to (any) class without a pass will be marked for their tardiness.  When a Trojan accumulates (3) tardies they will be assigned to our school-wide after school detention program which takes place on Monday’s and Thursday’s from 3:10 – 5:15pm in ACA (Alternate Class Assignment).

If the student does not attend after school detention, they will be sent to ACA the following school day.  If a student accumulates (3) tardies in one day, they will be assigned ACA. Once the consequence is served, the slate is wiped clean and the process begins again.

It takes a village to raise a child and with the collaboration of teachers, parents, and students, we believe that the success of our children is inevitable.

Thank you for your support and all you do.  Go Trojans!


Tim Sies


North College Hill High School