We are happy to welcome visitors to our school.  All visitors to the school (including parents) must start at the office, sign in and obtain a visitor’s sticker.  All visitors must be escorted by an administrator while in the building. This policy is for the safety of all the students and staff.  To minimize the possible disruption of the educational process, please observe the following guidelines:



      An appointment to visit a classroom shall be scheduled in advance through the school administrative office.  



      Please do not detain the teacher before or after class as this may keep him/her from other assigned responsibilities.



      When scheduling a visit, the visitor shall inform the school official of the general purpose and intent of the observation or visitation.



      Visits to the building will last no longer than 20 minutes.



      Do not bring other children.



      Visitations are permitted for observation purposes only. Visitors are not to question the teacher nor involve the teacher or student in dialogue.



      No recording of the visit is permitted.



      At the conclusion of the visitation, the visitor shall sign out at the office and return the visitor's badge.






This North College Hill School District Policy minimizes disturbances to the school routine and aids us in the protection of your child.