The Board believes one of the greatest resources available may be found in the citizens of the community who have special knowledge and talents to contribute to the District.  The use of citizens as volunteers within the school program enhances the educational process not only for students, but for the community as well.  Volunteers may provide additional support in the classroom, promote community-school cooperation in facilitating the learning process and provide for individuals who have expertise in various areas to be used as resource persons.
Recruitment and selection of volunteers is done at the local building level.  Interested individuals should contact the building principal or his/her designee.  The interests and abilities of the volunteers are considered when making assignments.
Pursuant to Ohio Law, volunteers who are likely to exercise care, custody and/or control of students while volunteering shall be required to provide a set of impressions of their fingerprints and be subjected to a criminal records check prior to any contact with students.  The law further requires that the District provide notice to the parent or guardian of each child for whom it provides services if any volunteer has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any of the offenses described in the law.  The District reserves the right to reject a volunteer applicant based upon any information obtained during the criminal record check.  The Board further reserves the right to require additional criminal record checks, as it sees fit, at any point during the volunteer's service.
An applicant for volunteering in the District may not be considered if the person has been convicted of any crime of a sexual nature or for any drug offense, felony offense, or violent offense.  Additionally, an applicant may not be permitted to volunteer in the District if the applicant has been convicted of any offense covered in ORC 3319.39.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Karen Thomas at 931-8181, ext. 300.  You will need to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Thomas at the District Board Office, located at 1731 Goodman Avenue prior to volunteering.