Graduation Information

Graduation cap with diploma


State of Ohio/NCH Graduation Requirements

Class of 2020


English               4 credits
Math                  4 credits (1 must be Algebra II)


Science              3 credits (1 must be a biological science, 1 must be a physical science, 1 must be an                                                            "advanced" science with a lab experience) 


Social Studies   3 credits (U.S. History, American Government, and Financial Literacy must be included)


Health                1/2 credit


Phys. Ed.           1/2 credit


Fine Art            1 credit (2 semesters or equivalent)


Electives           5 credits



TOTAL =             21 credits  


And earning 18 total points on Ohio’s End of Course exams

(or meeting the state testing requirement in one of the alternate pathways provided by the state of Ohio for the Class of 2020 – see the Guidance testing page of this NCH website for details about the alternative ways for the Class of 2020 to meet the graduation testing requirements)