Regarding Transcripts:

  • We always send transcripts without a charge.
  • Expect at least a one-week processing time beyond the date of the official transcript request.
  • We provide one transcript to all 10th, 11th and 12th-graders at the beginning of each school year.
  • We send transcripts when a student withdraws from our district only after his/her new school sends an official request for records and if the student's NCH fees are paid.
  • We only send transcripts on behalf of students after receiving an official Transcript Request Form from students.
  • We have six different college-related transcript request forms.
    • College website application (white)
    • The Common Application website (yellow)
    • Scholarship Application (green)
    • Special Program Application (blue)
    • NCAA Registration (brown)
    • Final Senior Transcript (gray)
  • These Transcript Request Forms must be submitted to the NCH guidance office secretary as permission to provide and as an official request to send an official transcript.
  • Forms should be submitted to the NCH guidance office secretary one-two weeks prior to the application deadline.
  • These forms can be downloaded and printed from the below files.
  • Hard copies of these forms can be found in the NCH guidance office.