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The next NCH All Alumni Mixer will be Friday October 13, 2017 again at Frickers 7-11p.

Meeting at the football field before the event at 5:30p will be a group of individuals touring the "new" High School.

 Please come.


The next scheduled meeting of the NCH Alumni Association is

October 25, 2017 at 6:30pm.

Meeting place is Krimmer's Italianette in NCH.

New members welcome.




On May 10, 2017 $57,200 was awarded to graduating seniors at Honors Night from the NCH Foundation.  


To get an update on the success stories of some of our alumni, open the file below marked "NCH Alumni Month List" or the file marked news about Vic Cable.
Current Alumni Association Trustees and Officeholders
Linda Thinnes Braunwart '67*** - President -
Carol Burke '64** - Secretary -
Gayle Slaughter Clyburn '73** -
Mark Fothergill '72*** -  Vice President -
Marvin Kolodzik '54*** - Treasurer -
**  Trustee term to expire 12-31-17
*** Trustee term to expire 12-31-18