Administrator Spotlight: What's your why?

Why the Educational field? Why Administration?  This is a question I am often asked when people find out this is the career path I have chosen.  With my background in athletics I have always found value and felt rewarded in working at something and perfecting it.  Whether it be your craft, a task given to you to complete or maybe even just something necessary in your life. As I continued playing sports throughout high school and college and grew as a leader, it became evident to me that I had a natural ability at recognizing the potential in others and also pushing them to reach that potential.  Being in education as an administrator gives me a platform to reach students and teachers as well as being a supportive push for them to reach their untapped potential. More importantly, why I do this job, is to provide opportunity. I myself was given opportunities and had doors opened for me that a lot of students don’t even know exists.  Providing opportunity for students to do/be whatever they dream is the reason I am here. 
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