Administrator Spotlight: What's your WHY?

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”  Malcolm X

Why did I choose to go into education as a career? My answer is simple and has always been the same: this is what I have been called to do to help serve others.

I truly believe education can provide opportunities to open doors and overcome challenges. Knowledge and education once gained can never be taken away from the owner. 

My own education has opened doors which allowed me opportunities to pour in love and knowledge to our youth on a daily basis so they too can reach their full potential. Serving in education has given me an avenue to reach out and make a positive impact not only with young people but with adults as well.

I want to instill in every person that I encounter the mentality of when there is not a seat at the table they can use education to bring their own seat to the table or open their own door and opportunity where they once thought there wasn’t one available.

As I continue on my personal journey as a lifelong learner I hope to impress upon all the value of an education and the importance of service unto others. 

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