Administrator Spotlight: What's Your WHY

Growing up, we were poor. The kind of poor where we were “borrowing” water from the neighbor’s water hose spout to fill up a bucket to have clean water in the house.
I was that kid at school with the not so cute clothes and my hair was hardly ever maintained. 
My mom did value education however, she wasn’t always in a good place where she could be as involved and supportive as we needed her to be. If it weren’t for the teachers and educators at school who held me to high expectations, I would not be a success story. This is why I had to become an educator. 
I wanted to give my students what was given to me. I wanted to show my students that they don’t have to be a product of their environment and they can leave behind a legacy that uplifts our communities.
Our children can be successful and our children WILL be successful. This is WHY I decided to be an educator! 
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