Keith Spangler, NCH High School teacher, attends Marine Corp Educator's Workshop

Educator’s Workshop (EWS) is a 4-day, all-expense paid trip to Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island, S.C. The workshop occurred from February 10-14, 2020.
The goal of EWS is to allow educators, media personnel, and influencers of young men and women to get first-hand experiences of what goes into transforming young men and women into elite United States Marines. 
This workshop dispelled many myths about Marine Corps boot camp and recruiting.  
It was an opportunity for Mr. Spangler (and others) to understand and witness that the Marine Corps is an effective alternative, as well as a stepping stone to college.

While at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Mr. Spangler met legendary Marine Corps drill instructors as they took charge and guided him through the instruction. He spoke with recruits who were in different phases of training, as well as witnessing the classroom curriculum that was covered at the depot.

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