The University of Cincinnati Economics Center held its 2015 Annual Awards Luncheon this week at the Hyatt Regency downtown. North College Hill Elementary School participates in the Student Enterprise Program (StEP) sponsored by the Center.

In StEP, elementary students earn school currency for positive behaviors such as completing homework on time, arriving at school on time, showing academic achievement, behaving well, etc. Each student can earn up to $75 in school bucks (similar to monopoly money) per week. That full amount can only be earned if all expectations for behavior and academics are met. Quarterly, students can choose what they want to do with their earnings. For more information about the program go to:

Elementary teacher Kelly Hughes was recognized as Financial Education Teacher of the Year for how she integrates StEP into her special needs classroom as well as serving as the building coordinator for StEP.

4th graders Taylor Callahan, Randlei Freeman, and Antony Morris attended the luncheon in appreciation for their role in the creation of the video emphasizing the importance of economic and financial education. Most of the video was filmed in our elementary school library. In addition the 3rd grade classes of Mr. Lewis and Ms. Holthaus are prominent. Definitely worth taking the time to view.

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