On Wednesday, January 6, North College Hill hosted Miami University graduate school professors for a doctoral hooding ceremony honoring Dr. Mary Webb, who has been with the district since 2006 and is currently teaching 4th grade at NCH Elementary School. Dr. Webb completed all requirements for her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in December, a degree fewer than 1% of the population attains. Her doctoral committee professors and the Dean of the Graduate School from Miami University generously gave of their time to come to the Performing Arts Center so that Dr. Webb’s students, family, colleagues, and friends could share her experience.

Dr. Webb shared her inspirational story that took her from a high school dropout, to a career in the U.S. Army before getting her teaching license and now a Ph.D. She challenged students to believe in themselves and set high goals which they can achieve by, “being nice to people and working hard.” She is a very positive role model who exemplifies that you can achieve your goals even when there are obstacles. We congratulate Dr. Webb on this wonderful achievement.
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