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Student Safety

Our students’ safety is of the utmost importance and it takes a village to help keep our children safe. We encourage all parents to speak with their children about safe practices to and from school.

NCH Socks 4 Students

It's the semi-annual socks 4 students drive!
Drive: Dec. 9-13, 2019
Parent Pick-up: Dec. 17 & 18 from 3:00-5:00 pm

Ms. Hardaway's Students Make 200 Piece Invention Timeline

From Ms. Hardaway, "These stations were connected to the Industrial Revolution and Invention unit. They had to play games, build lego inventions and weapons, complete a timeline puzzle and watch a documentary on the Industrial Revolution."

6th Grade Makes Catapults for Pumpkin Chunkin!

From 6th grade teacher, Johanna Anderson, "We read an informational text about how Punkin Chunkin started. Students are building catapults to compete in our own punkin chunkin competition on Friday."

Dance it out!

A 10-week series called "Dance it out!," which was funded from Donor's Choose began in Ms. Tabet and Ms. Maas's classes this week!
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