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The next ALL CLASS mixer at Frickers is tentatively set for Friday,  September  6, 2019.  Details to follow.
Early planning for the 50th for Class of '69.  See drop down for contact information.
Early planning for the 60th for Class of '59. See drop down for contact information.
The Class of '89 is looking at late July or early August to celebrate 30 years.  Please contact through Facebook: Kim Schudder-Renzenbrink,
Alecia Dockery-Scott, or Shelley Mueller.
The Class '90 is planning to celebrate 30 years on Saturday January 18, 2020.  They are searching for classmate connections and people willing to serve on a "reunion committee." Please contact Bill Landers, to help.


On May 07, 2019 the NCH Scholarship Foundation awarded eleven graduating seniors with $70,500 in 


to help them to begin their college days. 

Please support this foundation with your donation today. NCH Scholarship Foundation, 1731 Goodman Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239 


To get an update on the success stories of some of our alumni, open the file below marked "NCH Alumni Month List" or the file marked news about Vic Cable.
Current Alumni Association Trustees and Officeholders
Linda Thinnes Braunwart '67*** - President -
Georgia Zimmer Cottington '73**** - Secretary -
Gayle Slaughter Clyburn '73**** - Trustee
Mark Fothergill '72*** -  Vice President -
Marvin Kolodzik '54*** - Treasurer -
*** Trustee term to expire 12-31-21
****Trustee term to expire 12-31-20