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2021/2022 Kindergarten Registration
Welcome to North College Hill City Schools! Children who turn 5 years of age prior to August 1 are eligible for Kindergarten.  Enrollment information and links can be found below.  Parents are encouraged to explore our web pages to discover all the exciting things happening in our district.  Accessing the NCH Elementary link or our Future Trojans link will provide you with important links and information regarding school details.  If you have any questions, please contact Sheena Redman, Principal, North College Hill Elementary School at redman.s@nchcityschools.org


2021/2022 School Year
New Student Registration

This is a one-stop location for your enrollment needs!  Enrollment for new students, Kindergarten through Grade 12, must be enrolled at this online location. If you would like to register a Preschool student, please refer to the Parents tab on the main page to obtain information on how to complete a Preschool application.
Effective April 1, 2019 paper packets are no longer being accepted. Parents can access the enrollment process by clicking on the link below.  Questions may be emailed to registrar@nchcityschools.org.
Upon completing the online pre-registration, you will be required to schedule a Registration Conference. The following items must be presented during the conference.   


Required Documents


The following documents must be submitted at your Registration Conference to ensure student enrollment.


Documentation Required:

  • Driver’s License (or State ID showing photo ID of parent/guardian name and current address)
  • Original Birth Certificate with seal or valid passport (demonstrating parentage of custodial parent)
  • Probate Court guardianship papers (for legal guardians, demonstrating relationship to student)
  • Immunization records (up to date) - provided by a doctor or health department.
  • Previous Report Card (Kg - Gr. 8) or Transcript (Gr. 9 - 12)
  • Residency documentation and verification - document described below.
  • Copy of the most recent IEP, ETR or 504 Plan (If applicable)

Insufficient documentation may delay enrollment and require another appointment.


Proof of Residency


If you are a Homeowner:

ONE (1) of the following:

  • Mortgage Deed
  • Auditor's Report

If you are a Renter:

  • current signed lease

In Addition:


ONE (1) of the following current (within 30 days) bills:

  • Gas or Electric bill
  • Telephone Bill (landline only)
  • Cable Bill
  • Satellite TV Bill
  • City Water/Sewage Bill

If you are living with someone:

    • Proof of Residency information for the person you are residing with (items listed above) AND the following information for yourself
      • Government Business mail (tax documents, county paperwork, etc.)
      • Pay Stub with address
      • Doctor statement (with postmark)
    • You will also be required to complete a notarized Residency Affidavit (supplied at the Registration Conference and on your checklist).
2021/2022 School Year ONLY
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To review building policies and handbooks click HERE
If you need help accessing documentation, information can be found at: https://www.hamiltoncountyhealth.org/
Questions may be sent to Registrar@nchcityschools.org