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What is Title I?

Title I is a federal grant program that provides financial assistance to states and school districts to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide extra instructional services and activities which support students identified as at risk of failing to meet the state‚Äôs challenging performance standards, most specifically in Math or English/Language-Arts. North College Hill Elementary and Middle School both receive Title I funding. 



What will Title I programs do for my child?

The Title I program will provide your child with supplemental educational assistance and interventions in addition to the regular classroom in math and reading.

What do Title I programs offer?

  • Smaller groups for targeted skills
  • Additional teachers and aides
  • Opportunities for professional development for school staff
  • Additional time for teaching Title I students the skills they need
  • A variety of supplementary teaching methods, strategies, and materials
  • An individualized program to meet students' needs

How can I get involved?

One important component of Title I schools is the role of families in supporting their child's education. Title I schools are committed to reaching out to families through volunteer opportunities, family education sessions and general publications that include strategies for helping your child succeed at school.

  • Attend Family Night Events 
  • Attend Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Provide feedback on Buildings Family Engagement and Improvement Plans
  • Complete Family Engagement Survey
  • Attend Annual Title I Meetings