Hall of Fame

The North College Hill Hall of Fame was established in 1986 with the following selection criteria:
  • Five years removed from participating in or with North College Hill Athletics.
  • Participated in North College Hill athletics and contributed in a positive manner to North College Hill athletics and after graduation. 
Send nominations to:
Janeen Johnson at [email protected], Shannon Minor at [email protected], or Brandon Howard at [email protected]
Selection Committee
The process for selecting honorees involves a selection committee, which will compile a roster of 20 potential nominees. Athletic Boosters, selection committee members, and veteran North College Hill High School coaches with at least five years of experience will then cast their votes, with a maximum of 10 honorees to be selected. In order to be chosen, a nominee must receive at least 60% of the votes. The selection committee also has the ability to put forth an individual for special recognition, even if they do not meet the standard criteria.
Induction Years & Members
There are currently 96 members in the North College Hill Hall of Fame.
Year Members See Members
First 3 First 3 Members
1986 51 Class of 1986
1996 11 Class of 1996
2007 9 Class of 2007
2018 11 Class of 2018
2023 14 Class of 2023