Welcome to North College Hill City Schools!


A Message from the Superintendent Eugene Blalock, Jr.


To my NCH Family and Community,


I strongly believe that all our students can grow academically if we develop strong relationships and create a safe learning environment for them in the North College Hill School District.  After reading the book, Every Student, Every Day; A NO-NONSENSE NURTURER APPROACH TO REACHING ALL LEARNERS by Kristyn Klei Borrero, I purchased it for every staff member to read over the summer.  The book articulated and reaffirmed what we have been working towards the past three years and the research is clear!  If educators create caring environments for students through consistency, accountability, and high expectations; they will establish effective classrooms where all students can reach their full potential. 


The 2019-2020 school year is about implementations.  We have created and aligned our curriculum maps, we will be using assessments to consistently monitor our students’ progress, and we will be using that data to drive instructional practices in the classrooms.  I am confident that North College Hill City Schools will become “Schools of Promise”.  Thank you in advance for your support. 



If Better is Possible, Good is Not Enough” Benjamin Franklin                                                              


Yours in Education,

Mr. Eugene Blalock Jr., Superintendent 



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