Welcome to North College Hill City Schools!
Eugene Blalock, Superintendent
North College Hill City School District is making history. North College Hill is the first school district to implement a 4-Day Blended Learning Calendar in Ohio. Our students will physically come to school Tuesday through Friday. Students will work from home on self-guided assignments on Mondays, including online delivery and noncomputer-based learning opportunities for the 2023-2024 school year.
Teachers will use Mondays to plan, collaborate, and disaggregate data to customize lessons to meet the needs of their students. We strongly believe this will increase our students' academic achievement because progress is impossible without change. North College Hill City Schools are committed to systemic change. Therefore, we have decided to disrupt a system currently not working in the best interest of students and staff. 
The 4-Day Blended Learning Calendar is momentous, an event or change of great importance. We look forward to working with our families and community partners as we continue to meet the needs of Every Student, Every Day.
"What you want to do is get from people having a fear of change to a fear of what will happen if we don't change." -Bryan Goodwin
Yours in Education,
Mr. Eugene Blalock Jr., Superintendent
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Executive Cabinet
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Michelle Garton
Assistant Superintendent
Courtney Collins
Director of Pupil Personnel